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Vendela Cederholm

Teacher, Certified Medium, special teacher, TV Medium. Studied Theology and Religious studies, Certified supervisor in grief processing.


Vendela has a long experience in mediumship work and has been active as a Certified Medium since 1995. She works with sessions in larger and smaller groups, education as well as guidance and spiritual issues. Since the mid-1990s, Vendela has led courses in intuitive and psychic development.


On TV we can see her helping families through her psychic abilities in the program "The unknown" in Sweden. She has also participated as a teacher and juror in the program "Academy of the unknown".


Vendela is a specialist teacher and has a solid education and educational background. Vendela has also studied Theology and Religious science and is a Certified supervisor in grief processing.


Her mediumship education background is in Spiritualism and she works on Christian grounds.

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