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Lottie Wahlin


Teacher, Certified Medium, meditation leader, File. dr in Sociology, diploma Coach, NLP Practitioner, educator, studied Buddhism and Religious studies, Certified supervisor in grief processing, trained in Spiritual Healing.


Lottie has been active as a medium since the mid-1990s and works with individual media guiding sessions, group and major sessions, meditations and life orientation.


Lottie has a background as a social scientist and researcher. She is also active as a writer and lecturer and educator in mediation. She, together with a colleague, developed the board game Magica Ludi, had the radio show "Spiritual landscapes" with her husband Frankie and works on the English site Chrystal Clear Psychics.


Lottie's medial educational background is in spiritualism, but her spiritual residence is now in Vajrayana Buddhism.

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