Welcome to Academy for Inner Potential

We are a school and a company for spiritual and psychic development.

We turn to you who is interested in spirituality, have an open mind and want to develope your own abilities

Since the start 2007, we are honored to have been able to follow thousands of people on their spiritual path. Some of them are now workning as mediums.

We are located in Stockholm, where we offer high quality courses for personal and spiritual growth. We are happy that we now can offer some courses online. 

Together with us you are able to discover your psychic potentialities. You are growing  in a safe environment and are supported by very experienced teachers


Our first course Open your mind is the first step on your way to develope your own psychic abilities. This course is  free of charge and contains 3 lessons.


The next step is our very popular and well-reputated course Discover your own psychic ability. In this course you will learn how open up for ”Spirit” and work with colors, symbols and  get contact with loved ones in the spirit realms. The course extends over 8 weeks with a new lesson every week. You also get access to our secret facebook-group and once a week we have a chat forum for your personal questions. You work at home when you have the time and you have access to the course for a whole year.

More about us


Vendela Cederholm

Owner and a teacher at the

Academy. Vendela is a certified medium since the mid 90ies. She is

working with seances in both small and large groups. She is

also working as a TV-medium in Sweden.


Lottie Wahlin

Owner, principal and a teacher at the Academy.

Lottie is a certified medium and has being active in psychic

work since the mid 90ies. She is working with private readings,

seances, meditations and Life Orientation - a method for

psychological development. She is also a host in the radio channel

Psychic talk.net together with her husband (http://www.spirituallandscapes.net/)


Linda Liljeholt

Owner, vice president, teacher and esponsible for the Academy´s

medium reception.

Linda is a certified medium and she works with private readings and


Anne Anoulla

Teacher in our english online courses. Anne is a medium and working with the method Soul Realignment

.She is also host for the radioshow The Soulsisters show

Academy for Inner Potential

För dig som är intresserad av medialitet och andlighet.
We offer courses for your personal and spiritual growth
est 2007