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About the Academy

Academy for inner potential is a school and a center for personal development and knowledge, in areas like spirituality, intuition and mediumship. Our activities, courses and educations are ment to promote your own inner growth. Some courses are also aiming to a professional use. Our shared vision is to be of benefit and joy to our fellowmen by spreading knowledge and spiritual affinity and educate those who wish to develop themselves personally, spiritually and mediumship wise. Since the start 2007 we have had the delight to follow many hundreds of people for a shorter or longer part of their life path. 


The Academy turns to you who have an open mind and an interest for spiritual development. We want to be a meeting place for you who seek a deeper meaning in existence and who wants to find likeminded.  

With us, you can develop for your own sake, use your abilities in your profession or maybe in a longer perspective you want to act as a medium?

We offer courses, educations, online courses and other events and activities with high quality for your inner growth. 


Our approach is that most of those who are interested of spirituality and mediumship development have something to discover, even if everyone doesn't either want or can develop mediumship. To discover the spiritual world is to start the journey in your own inner space and most likely the most exciting journey that could be made. 

We at the Academy are not connected to any specific religion or belief. We focus on the medial development and encourage our students and pupils to find their own philosophical view.  

You can reach us by sending us an email below ... 

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